Shay Mozes

I am a faculty member in the school of computer science at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya. Prior to that I was a Postdoc at MIT, hosted by Jonathan Kelner. I received my PhD from Brown University. My advisor was Philip Klein.



    · I am interested in theory of computer science,
    specifically in graph theory and algorithms,
    combinatorial problems and data structures.
    · My PhD thesis is on efficient algorithms
    for shortest paths and maximum flow problems
    in planar graphs.
    · I am also interested in different theoretical aspects of
    Quantum information and Computation.
    · Publications
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Other Stuff (old)

    · My 8mm telecine project
    · My My Flickr homepage homepage   (some more pictures)


· Edya's homepage - My wife's homepage at MIT
· Aviation Links - A few years ago I obtained my private pilot license. Here is a photo of me in the airplane, a video of a landing in KBED with a lot of snow, and a video of a flight from New York to Boston with my friends . Don't forget to check the weather!
· The Gabrieli lab at MIT - a great lab for cognitive and affective neuroscience where I used to work as a programmer.
· Principles of effective research - A very inspiring essay by M. Nielsen on doing research